White Tiger Cats

Date: 6/13/2017

By seascarlet

I was in my own house, but it resembled a childhood friend's. I hadn't visited my family in a while and they now had several cats. As I was sitting in a chair, three of the cats showed up, interested in me. They all looked exactly the same. Beautiful short-haired cats that were mostly white with thin and wavy black stripes all over. I kept thinking they were gray until they came into the light. They looked like white tigers. I loved how they looked and was petting and inspecting them, but they kept biting and clawing at my feet. When I tried to pull away, their claws would tear cuts in the bottoms of my feet and my toes. This happened because two of them would be hooked in one toe at the same time and no matter which way I moved, it was the wrong direction. Finally I had to get away from them because I couldn't keep my toes safe.