Armed old lady

Date: 8/15/2017

By ShinigamiJay

I was driving my car slowly through an intersection turning left when a mother and her children were trying to cross the street and they were taking what seemed like forever to do it so I decided I would go striaght instead to go were ever I was goinging so I look straight ahead of me and there is an old lady in the road, I was irritated that I was not able to go that way either as she was just standing there and not making progress to either side so I decide to do a U-turn going right from the way I was originally going to go, putting the old lady to the left of me and I can see her out of my left window. At this point I notice a row of police vehicles and police standing behind their doors with guns drawn but not pointed at me or seemingly anyone that I can notice. I look back at this old lady and I now see a gun in her hand. She raises the gun pointing it at me and I punch the gas petal to get out of the way but my point of veiw had shifted me into the back right seat of my car and she shoots me in the left of my chest and I panic and wake up.