Ice and Demons

Date: 4/10/2017

By gabriel4031

I am in a room looking out a window. I see a person in another window. He has blonde hair, but it is all I can make out because of the rain on the window. Someone tells me that I'm not supposed to see that. Is it Darlene? I am a little afraid now, but also a little indignant: what do you mean I am not supposed to see that? I see what I see. Now the high ceilinged room has orange walls. I don't like the change of color. I note the window has some ice buildup on it. Jeremy is scared and I never noticed he was with me before. He's clinging to me and screaming and telling me how he is afraid. Darlene opens the door. She has black curly hair now. She tells me that the demons are coming. I note the ice on the walls and along part of the window. I blow on it, and more ice forms. I feel a little defiant. Darlene asks how long I've been able to do that. I say that I just learned. It just happened. She seems a little unsettled by this. I freeze the window completely. Darlene says that that should keep them out. I say good, they better stay away, because I will destroy them. They will not scare jeremy. I freeze whatever I can see, then realize I'm dreaming and I don't have to dream this dream. I wake up.