locked room

Date: 7/24/2017

By Carolina

i was in something like a candle store. i was looking for something like a large candle or something shaped like a large human head. i found many different textures and styles... my mom was there and she wouldn't help me. i got really upset and chased her into my child hood tv room where she was with my father. i yelled and her over and over again but she didn't care at all and shrugged her shoulders. my dad kept intervening and i screamed at him to stay out of it. he did something as he walked past me that made me scream and i kept yelling at both of them. at a point i was holding back laughter and insisting that i was very serious. i'm not sure what i really felt. i was in my childhood back yard and in the kitchen with all the windows. i saw a small passenger plane circling us and i was frightened. i pointed it out to people but they didn't seem concerned. i changed and it became that i was in a large basement area. i had the sense of being jailed. i was with a lot of women. the door slammed shut and we were locked inside one area. i was both terrified and partially laughing. i heard noises but we weren't sure if it was the other women or something coming to get us. m and i were kissing and it got very 18+. at a certain point she pulled away fast and was crying hard. she said i know i am a lesbian. then it was suddenly morning and other people were around. m was dressed. i was shocked and asked what happened. she said you took a sleeping pill and ran off through an open space in the wall into a grassy field. i felt i was burning up and searched for shorts. i only found black shorts with a fuzzy tail attached. i found a big box that i had ordered and started furiously searching for better clothes to wear in a hot field. each box was wrapped in tons of packing tape and contained smaller and smaller boxes. finally inside were tiny candles. the kind that move and look like they are flickering a real flame. the other m laughed at me. i was shocked that i would have ordered these to this location.