Man Do I Really Hate MATH

Date: 2/23/2017

By Smidge_Midge

So pretty much this whole year my math class has been complete shit to me. The teacher was horrible and the curriculum yahda yahda yahda. I don't really remember how I got there but I remember sitting at my desk in my English class but it's really my math class (for the dream) and the teacher is "teaching and I think I get done early so she "checks my work" and takes the paper. I take out my phone and she says I have to put is away. I say ok and go to put it away but she takes it instead and then takes everyone else's phone. I get really mad and all of a sudden I have a little Spanish chapter book (I'm reading one for Spanish irl) and the one turns into a lot and I squeeze the books and I wanna diminish them into nothing. Then the dream cuts to my drama rehearsal I think and we are running the show and I can't remember the rest of the dream.