Stuck in a horror movie

Date: 4/16/2019

By Kantz_Dreams

I dreamt that I was watching tv, and someone put on a horror movie. But, I went inside of it, like it was happening to me! But, it wasn’t me that I saw in the movie. It was a woman that looked confused. She suddenly began biting her fingernails, cutting them down to nothing. Then, things began to get gruesome. The scene changes, and I see two more people, two young males, going crazy in the head! Suddenly, one said some random stuff, then put a gun to his head and shot himself! I could see the blood squirt out of his head. the other one said “I want to join in!” And hesitated, then shot himself as well! The host of the horror movie, a creepy lady, shut off their oxygen supply, and said that they should close their teeth to live longer, because she only turns on the supply on Friday. This is what caused the men to shoot themselves. It was very scary. Even though I knew it was a dream in the back of my mind, I still didn’t become lucid. I woke up confused and in relief.