Field trip to Walmart 😳😻

Date: 5/1/2017

By madnewman13😼

So my class was going on a field trip in my dream. We were going to Walmart for some odd reason. When we arrived, most of us had to go to the bathroom, except for the teachers, who left us and went to go look at Walmart somewhere. Meanwhile, the boys in my class went in the girls bathroom, and no one seemed to care. I went into the sixth stall to go and do my business. But before I could, my crush crawled under the stall door and started having a make out session with me. I was definitely in surprise! Then, we started having random sex in the stall. I couldn't believe no one even noticed though, I mean, it was pretty obvious! There were clothes on the ground and... Noises.... So I kinda laughed at that. I won't get into any detail, but I kind of enjoyed this dream since I actually haven't had a sensual dream in quite a while. 😏😜