Date: 3/6/2019

By pardonkookie

We went in some spaceship to my grandmas house in PR. but I think we’re we’re in the Sky. Like I’m the clouds, and my grandma was still alive. Then it switched and some random people who were supposed to be my classmates were there and were were playing tag/hide and seek and I kept getting picked bc I couldn’t run fast enough and there was like some drill sergeant in charge of the game. Anyways. Then it switched back to my grandma and we were walking through the clouds and I was trying to make sure that she wouldn’t fall through the cracks to the ground. Anyways after a while she tripped and fell bc she couldn’t walk properly. And we said goodbye and went back on the plane/spaceship to go back home. I was siting next to Rana and for some reason I wanted to wear a dress, but I went on my phone to open up my pants which makes no sense, but they wouldn’t spawn. Then the girl in front of me spawned in some green tights and they spawned on my lap and my dress was green too, to I was gonna wear hers, but then she asked for them so I had nothing to wear and I was self conscious bc I think I didn’t shave my legs so they were really ugly.