Catastrophes and Beautiful Girls

Date: 3/20/2017

By LionFoot65

On March 21st 2017 in my dream there was a great big storm ⛈ that becomes super destructive and it has to do with this big event on Earth 🌏 that is supposedly going to help most of humanity toward a higher level of consciousness. After the storm the first lesson we learn is a lesson of intimacy and about other things that have to do with being intimate with someone. I remember that it had the symbol of a red bird I think. Next Scene: I was in this really hot desert 🌵 of my dads home town/city called Hermosillo and then there was this mudstone sign that said Falcon Point Scorches which led to a neighborhood. I remember walking through the desert and finding the neighborhood and that there was this playground and houses 🏡 nearby which looked really vivid and real. I also remember thinking to myself: "Wow I'm glad Im not in a dream cause this looks like a really beautiful day. Haven't I been here before?" and I didn't go lucid go lucid cause I didn't do a fucking reality check 🙄. I also remember walking past a few people and that they were looking at weird lol. Next Scene: I'm at this school where there's a lot of chaos and I'm trying to close the doors to prevent certain kids who are trying to get in because I was scared of getting arrested by the Swat teams who where also there for some reason. While I'm doing this, I see this cute girl and I realize it's a girl that I knew whose name is Camila and I thought she looked so beautiful and sexy. I call out her name but she says that I'm thinking she is someone else and I ask "aren't you her sister?" And she makes a face and shakes her head lol. I then turn to my friend Grace (who is also looking really cute) and she explains who she is to me and something about how this guy Logan knows the real side of her and I don't know if she is referring to herself or Camila.