Date: 3/25/2017

By Boygan

in a wood near the house I went with lillian. the space was verdant, and art covered it. she was unpleased with me, and avoided me as I searched the forest. I stopped and went back home to take a bath. Inside the bath my cat swam with me, and each time I focused on her the concomitants of the room would change. walls would disappear etc., though the bath would remain the same. I was transported out of the bath, and looked out of the window onto a scene. the internal portion of the house was unexplored, but outside it had rained. And the patio was wet and was a wooden labrynthian structure. It was as if looking out towards a jungle's expanse. I dreamed of being home in the moon-lit backyard again. In our pool was a manta ray. The backyard was yellow-lit. I talked to my mom about it and walked while wind-chimes played and played. The next portion of the dream occured at the bus-stop of the apartments. There was a young boy with a toy that banded together many spheres. He told me that photons in light were latent as the spheres and showed them slink to the end after the end was reached. He said he was sixteen, and I talked to him about mathematics. We went onto the bus and the scene changed to him having sex with my old teacher, who now had nipple piercings. Both participants were covered in cream, and while having sex were normally talking. It was odd already, then an old lady came in and chastized all in the scene. But paradoxically she joined us in running from the police. We did not know why police were chasing us, but now we were on back-roads driving. After driving for a long time the police just passed, us as the lights and sirens still played. We reached my house, they disappeared they being everybody previously mentioned. Now I was with old friends. We began talking about how my shower-light didn't work. Then they walked out while I took a shower after the previous ordeal (the only portion of the dream where linearity was implied). After I was done there was a table where I had previously been. It had checks on it and an odd coin which had a card-name from Eliot's Sweeny Agonistes. Then one of my friends mother appeared with a portent for all of us. She disappeared but would appear later. We all talked about the checks and bills. My friends made jokes about me in the shower asked if I had a good time (implying masturbation). I was then with my friends mother and father in a concert of drunken revelers. The singer sang about Jesus and the crystal water of his speech. He said he feels close to the Lord when he cannot think. He then made a pun about a shepard's staff which I can't remember exactly. I left the swooning throng of listeners to go outside to the willow-trees. There were many cars and I sat in a white cadillac, waiting. I woke up then, at this intermittent point, from the dream.