Lunch lady

Date: 3/20/2017

By mysticmusic94

I dreamt that I was at school and was talking to my friend sara by my lockers (which looked nothing like lockers). During the time I was talking to her I didn't realize that I was using up my lunch time so then when the bell rang I went to get lunch. I went to the lunch lady and she started giving me things and I was telling her how I was scared because I was late for math class and didn't want to miss anything. Then when she gave me my food there was a cutscene and then I was in her car. We were driving to another school that she worked at and she told me I could just walk back to school when we got there. I then started to whine and cry because she told me it takes 10 minutes driving and we were driving through bad neighborhoods. Then as i convinced her to turn around a cop came up behind us. We were approaching my moms house and I looked up and on the power lines were large blinking Mickey mouse balloons. I guess they were Christmas decorations or something even though we were no where close to it being Christmas. Then when the lunch lady finally pulled over in front of my mothers house the cop got out and started talking to her and she got in trouble and of course when we pulled over my whole family came out of my house. When they came out I got out and decided to go with them to wherever they were going. Then my mom told me that the lunch lady was on parole and stuff and wasn't even suppose to be working at my school and then we got in the car and left hahaha the end.