Another Zombie Dream.

Date: 8/25/2017

By qandeell

Me and my Brother are in some place where with a giant rock and i have a blunt stake like thingy in my hand and a zombie appears out of somewhere. We decide to go from the other side and there's another one over there. I stab it with the stake on the top of the had but it doesn't have any damage or so whatever. I try doing the same on the side and tge same happens. Then i have the idea to go about the whole thing from underside of his chin as thats relatively softer. My brother is keeping it in position as i'm driving the stake deeper into it i'm thinking to myself that i don't wanna kill zombies in dreams as they are much harder and require much more strength to kill them than in real life. We go a little further and i'm thinking i need something stronger and sharper for him and I before we have to kill another one. I Wake up