Watching Planes Drop Hoards of People to Their Deaths

Date: 4/25/2019

By GuppyFang

I was with my husband and maybe some other people at a military base of some sort. There has been an attack all of a sudden and I noticed a lot of passenger planes that have apparently been ordered or taken over to do these loop dloops with the door open so that all of the passengers fall out. Even though the planes are fairly far up into the air I can hear the people screaming in terror. At a certain point we are mainly worried for our own safety that the people might hit us so we are hiding under some things and I can hear the people thudding to the ground all around me. It is very intense and real. Next I am up in an airplane myself and I realize I have to survive. I have purchased a parachute somehow and I watch people jumping out and realize that everyone has had a parachute but they are doing it wrong. As we are out of the atmosphere a little bit in space people keep opening their parachutes while they are still in space and I realize I just have to wait until I get all the way into the atmosphere before I open the parachute. When I get into the atmosphere after jumping I keep letting myself fall more and more thinking I better wait long enough unlike the other idiots. So I finally decided to open the shoot but it turns out it is fake and the cord just snaps off like an attic string. I am so mad and I realize that the parachute is actually just packing peanuts. I realize I have been cheated by yet another company which has been happening a lot in real life. I am so mad that I survive the fall and I am trying to figure out if I can get my money back and or sue the parachute company.