Terrorist attack at Walmart's parking lot🚙

Date: 4/14/2017

By jennifershines7

My mom and I went out to go grocery shopping at Walmart at night. Coming out of Walmart We see this woman with a gun shooting people. My mom forgot where we parked the car so we searched around until we found the car. It was a very big crowded parking lot with everyone screaming so hiding from her was easy on the way to our car. As we open the door my cousin Michelle comes over telling us that she came over the shop with her Aunt but she wants to come with us and then came her dad. They all got in the car and forgot about me!! I'm running behind the car for a while and screaming at them to get their attention. They crash and my mom comes out crawling towards me. Right behind her is the terrorist. She shoots her behind her back and I'm sobbing hard idk how she didn't hear or see me. She walks away and I sprint to this woman standing in front of Walmart. I ask her if she called to cops. She says yes and is keeping an eye out for them. I turn my head to the other side and see a little girl. I tell her everything that happened to me because I needed someone to talk to and she also tells me how the shooter also killed her mom and now her and her little brother are waiting for the cops. I also wait for them and tell them that I'm now always going to be by there side. The end 😭 I barley have nightmares . I think this is like my third nightmare In all my 16 year of living.