Post-apocalyptic shopping mall

Date: 2/9/2019

By nolan_truth

I was in the middle of a shopping mall. Blinds were completely covering all of the windows. There were plenty of people inside of the shopping mall. Curiously, the shops appeared to be unlooted, and many people seemed as if they were shopping normally. However, towards the exit of the mall, people had set up makeshift living quarters by stacking cardboard boxes to serve as walls. I approached one such house, where an old man was intently pouring finely ground popcorn through a metal sieve. As I watched, a couple of mealworms, and a few pieces of metal wiring got filtered out. There was an African American lady nearby with a young child. The child held its fingers up to indicate it was three years old when I asked how old he was. The mother said that there had an issue with bacterial infection of the womb during her pregnancy with him. I noticed a device implanted in the side of his skull, which looked somewhat like a glucometer. I asked what it was, and the child showed me that it logged locations where he had been during particular months, and oddly enough, the temperature of each place. The entries were a couple each month. In September, there was an entry listed as "taiga." I asked where they had been, but got not answer.