Anguish and Big Cats

Date: 2/4/2017

By skno315

I dreamt I went to an estate sale. The house seemed to have endless, ornately beautiful rooms. However, I would stumble upon damp, smelly rooms that were stripped down to only dirty carpets. In one of those rooms I heard the voice of an anguished woman. She spoke in a way that seemed as if she wanted me to feel anguish too. She told me to look in the mirror and see who I truly am. When I looked in the mirror, I only saw myself and felt comforted. But I felt a strange lingering thought that maybe it was only a mask. I felt that this woman was not dead, but a widower close to death. I found many items that I was tempted to steal, but I did not. One was a very small emerald ring; it fit only on my pinky so I imagine it was a baby's ring. I did take one item, but it seemed to be acceptable to take for some reason, and everyone was aware that I had taken it. It was a corset style belt with two leather shoulder straps. It was forest green and a little too big for me. But it seemed to be meant for me, and when I woke up I attempted to draw it. I went to a very busy area, where things were being sold. Hung on the walls were enormous tapestries with the images of different animals woven onto them. In these tapestries, the actual animals were captured. A man wanted to buy the jaguar tapestry. The jaguar came out of the tapestry, humongous and absolutely excited. It seemed more like a domesticated dog, excited to meet its owner, than a predatory big cat. It was licking the man and I, jumping on the man, smiling. However I felt nervous that the big cat may turn and become angry.