Long Island Medium

Date: 3/20/2019

By Ladybugfidoxx

Interesting dream. So I hugged and kissed a woman in my dream that looked like Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium (big hair). I think i was consoling her. Not sure if i was a man or woman in this dream. The issue her family were having were about their house being too open as far as activity. The people coming in and out the house. After a few incidents of strangers entering the home they discussed changing lock & passwords to the personal & buisness computers. The person I was in the dream was going to check myself into the ER. I could feel a chain of tumor like lumps at the bottom of my left breast & tummy area under that breast. I could feel a tighting feeling there like i was being squeezed. I walked out the house to up the block to the corner trying to decide either to call a personal deiver or an uber or cab. I saw tall office like buildings across the street with blue big letter awnings.