Neighborhood troubles(in dark tones)

Date: 3/12/2017

By Rabbit

It starts off with me near the end of the block of my neighborhood, near where I walk home from school. I see my friends Kirsten and Christy fighting a girl with freckles and blonde hair. I part them up. There wer bystanders all around them, and as I parted them up, the bystanders immediately walked away. As they were walking away, Drake Schmall approached me and wanted to hang out with me. He was wearing a red flannel jacket and jeans. I told him I had to eat dinner with my mom and he could come if he wanted to. He did. My mom, Drake, and I were eating on a white table next to my basketball hoop outside. Mama was on the head of the table to my left, and Drake was sitting across from me. Behind me was a white van. After we ate, I was standing and my mom, the table, and the van disappeared. It was just me and him. Then, a few moments later, he disappeared. He left behind his flannel jacket, but it was blue instead of red.