Killer mom

Date: 6/23/2017

By NightLight

Me and my brother Michael asked our mom if could we go play outside and she replied with a yes. So we went outside and played and after about what felt like a whole 30 minutes we heard our mother calling our names and she didn't sound too happy. As we slowly entered into the house we found ourselves standing face to face with our mom. She had her right hand hid behind her back as she scolded us. She even accused us of trying to run away from home. We tried to explain to her that she gave us permission to go out and play but she just looked at us with disgust and told us to turn around. Me and my brother started to cry as we turned around to face the back door that was made out of glass. I tried to comfort my brother telling him that everything will be alright but only if I knew how wrong I was. As my eyes focus on the glass door that showed the reflection of my mother, I seen her remove her right hand from her back. In her hand she held a sword and without a blink of an eye she swung the thing and it collided with my brothers neck making a sickening slicing sound.