Alien World 👽

Date: 4/12/2017

By Io

I had a dream about a distant alien world that was 500 years into the future. I got there while trying to escape from a crime syndicate. This planet is only accessible via a time portal located on a certain island, and I managed to escape into their world. The alien world there was mysterious, however they were very far behind in terms of technological development. Somehow they were able to obtain spare parts of spaceships from humans, and to them those were rare artifacts. They also treated a candy stick as their planet's "Founding" stick, and displayed it proudly in their main street. However, this planet harbored deep secrets, especially to human visitors. What I saw when I pressed the button on the stick was extremely morbid. When the diamond button was pressed, the entire scene of harmless aliens switched to a scene of carnivorous monsters who sold human body parts to eat at stalls. There were torture chambers for humans that were put on as public shows for the audience. And everywhere humans were used as slaves.