No help from husband

Date: 5/9/2017

By indigo

I'm in a room that's full of people that I know, though I can't see any faces, except for one. My husbands. I'm on the floor holding my left side, which hurts so badly with this dull burning pain that's radiating out through my whole abdomen, pelvis, chest, and back. I'm grabbing my husbands leg as I'm looking up at him and crying and telling him how bad it hurts and begging for him to take me to the hospital. He looks down at me and it was like he was happy seeing me this way. He was talking to someone who didn't even notice me, and then he started to walk away. I was holding his leg with my other hand so he began dragging me across the floor as he tried to, what I felt was, move away from me. I let go of my side and tugged his pant leg and that's when I saw all of the blood. I looked back and I had left a red trail behind me. I cried desperately once more to my husband to help me because it hurt so bad and he just looked down at me and smiled. At that moment I woke up, sobbing, holding my left side still feeling that searing pain for another 10-15min after waking.