My First Sleep Paralysis

Date: 3/9/2017

By Griq

So I had been working very long lately, two 12 hour night shifts, I was tired out of my mind. I went to sleep, and in the same breath I was back to laying on the couch, now in sleep paralysis. I was in the same position as I was before falling asleep, yet all furniture and the entire house basically shifted. I gazed over to the front door. The door was open, but another door was closed behind it (if that makes any sense) so I basically had two front doors for no apparent reason. My phone started ringing, as I had the thought of picking it up, it stopped. I then started hearing a sound by the door, it was like my cat was rubbing its body on the door like he would do to your leg. I soon after realized it was not my cat, but some scary ass monster/demon from behind the door. The noises I heard it make were chilly, it came closer and closer. My feet would not move, since I was in Paralysis. I finally was able to move my right leg and woke up, just in time before the monster entered the apartment. Oh god that was scary..