Different thoughts

Date: 8/25/2019

By Caswillsaveme

I was in my elementary school and there was this kid dressed as some sort of spider man type character. There was some sort of Halloween festival going on. I stole old coins and statues and things that looked pagan from the library, saying that I was the one who had put them there. My friend Kiras boyfriend was in my dream and I kept seeing him around the halloween dance festival thing. There was a big field I had to run across with all these dressed up people in order to reach the bathroom to get my little brother so he wouldn't get lost. I got scared because there were ghosts and monsters outside the stairs that lead to the bsthroom. On my way back I turned into a wolf or something and was running on all fours across the field. I got hit with a football because I wasn't looking in front of me where they were playing football on the field. I keep having this reoccurring thing where my ring gets caught on something and it rips open and snaps in half. Idk what that part means but it keeps happening.