Rick and Morty: I Can't Believe Rick is Dead

Date: 1/27/2017

By opullman

Ok so in my dream me and my brother and Brooke Stutler were in intergalactic Sunday school for previous shenanigans, and Mr. Siegel was teaching us relative to the weight of your head the minimal force required to kill you instantly and there was an equation where u plugged in ur head weight and it told you. We were watching this Bill Nye esc video explaining it but instead of Bill it was Rick Sanchez and Zeep Zanflorp from the car battery episode. In the video there was this running gag where instead of moving literally any distance Rick would look right into the camera with this big dumb smile and do this thing with his arms and teleport. Like in the first scene they were standing right outside this big spaceship and they explained what they were going to teach you in the video and then Zeep walked into the ship and Rick just teleported like the two feet it would have taken him to walk inside, all while looking directly into the camera. So that continued and Zeep started to get pissed. They had brought out this special helmet that I guess if you entered it with the right force relative to your head weight it would kill you instantly. So Zeep was pissed off and obviously that made Rick do it even more except he didn't gauge the distance right and he knocked into the helmet Zeep was holding at the exact force relative to his head weight killing him instantly and I woke up