Bunch of Bad Stuff (sex, bullying, death, etc)

Date: 7/1/2017

By ace200

I joined my school's secret society, where you would do bad things. It was with more of the bad kids at school, but I was tired of being that innocent girl in the hallway. It was a secret room in the school where we met up, although it was quite colorful with school supplies. I guess once I joined this group, life becomes dangerous because I started carrying a tennis racket around with me for protection. (I'm at the beach and was playing tennis on the beach, so maybe that's why.) I think the tennis racket was because our group had enemies who would jump me if I wasn't careful. I remember Aly C, Maya, Jackie, and other people were in this group and we met up every day. There was smoking, cutting, and etc going on. It was almost like that Blue Whale Group thing that's going in Russia, I believe, where people are forced to follow steps going up to kill themselves like cut themselves, listen to certain music, and walk along the edges of bridges, etc, and if they don't the person controlling them says they will kill the victim's family. I remember Kiera was going through a really hard time when I joined this group and everyone was calling her a slut. I also heard a rumor that Allie J was going to show her "stuff" over a live video at noon tomorrow which was not like her at all. I found her in the hallway and asked if she wanted to talk, but a principal called her aside. She was crying. I thought someone was forcing her to have sex with him and be taped while doing it, but I didn't know who it was. While joining this bad group, I became close with I guess a guy with more of a bad reputation. He dressed in all black, had black long hair and a leather jacket, yet I really liked him or liked the idea of him liking me. I was working on some project involving lights and he came over to my house and I showed him my work, but he was really disinterested. I think he didn't really love me and I was clinging for him to do so. I was practicing my driving from time to time, I remember going to the High School. I also remember a lot of action taking place with Caitlyn and Maddy. I was with their mom in a new neighborhood and was told to look for someone named Shiniere. Ari also told me something about a boy getting abused and going back in time. Apparently a boy was getting abused by his mother so we went back in time to when he was first born. The mother was my old teach, Mrs S. She basically explained to me how she has twelve abortions in one semester because either she couldn't stop having sex or someone was forcing it on her. She did not want to get rid of this baby, but would start abusing it with her anger. She began to cry and I held her. It switched scenes and I went back in time to help a new person. This one was a boy in High School, he looked like the main character from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Greg), with longish red hair. I asked him about a boy, Charlie, and Greg got sad. I showed Greg into the past where Charlie is friends with Greg. Charlie is considered a lose and is beat up by the jocks because he is small and very dark, he loves death and stuff like that. Greg joined the jocks to escape getting beat up himself and leaves Charlie to be more bullied then ever without a friend by his side. Greg starts crying when we go back to the present and says he will fix things. I think Charlie was on the verge of suicide so I hope things worked out. There was one more scene were I was not there, it was more like watching a movie. There was a young boy and his mother and some people were after them. A nice man took them into hiding and gave the young boy a fake beard to wear. So they lived in disguise forever.