Beyoncé opens a Starbucks in a giant dirt pit

Date: 3/12/2017

By skno315

[ This dream turned out much longer in writing than I had anticipated, so I apologize for the wall of text. ] Last night I dreamt that Dave's grand mom dug a giant pit in the dirt, I think initially meant as a fire pit. I was amazed because it was absolutely huge, like the size of a building, and very deep (probably 5-10 stories deep). Meanwhile Dave and I were buying plastic forks from a strange man to use in some way to help heal our sick chinchillas. I got angry because I thought it was ridiculous and that we didn't really need the forks. Next, it turns out that Beyoncé wanted to turn the giant pit dug by Dave's grandmom into a Starbucks, or maybe the other way around. So, she and many others (including me) began to start digging in the giant pit a "top floor". We made an indent in the dirt for people to walk on. All around was brick and suddenly there was ground all around us; I guess the structure was dug out to resemble a building. A girl working with us said, "we're going to be the best Starbucks in the whole town!" Eventually, we realized we were trapped on the top floor because the way down was way too far and we had no ladders or stairs. There was, however, a rope which we could attempt to swing from. I nearly volunteered but someone else did. He jumped, and then jumped into this sort of virtual reality helmet station (best way I can describe it)? He begins to get sucked into the internet. We tell him to come back because no answers will come of it. Eventually I see a strange fabricky ladder that Dave's grandmom bought. I said we could use those. Someone from down below said, "that will never work!" I think it was Dave but I'm unsure. They didn't want to see us succeed in making it down. I got the ladders, (somehow?) and set them up. They worked for me and once I was below, I tried to set them up for everyone else to get down. They were basically made out of blanket material, so I tried bundling them up in such a way but it didn't work for anyone else. Then, I saw there was an actual ladder nearby and went to grab it. I gave one of the people who didn't want us to succeed the finger as I walked to grab it. I'm really bad at giving the finger and in the dream my fingers were all crumpled so it just came out kind of pathetic and funny. In the end I got the ladder there and everything was fine.