A Gun And A Lucid dream

Date: 2/6/2017

By lugoO101

Last night I had a dream that I was getting my nails done but I was in a warehouse, my auntie was on her way to get hers done to. We both know the person doing our nails her name is cookie. Well when cookie was done with my nails I got up and pulled out a gun and then proceeded to grab things from the shelves and I told her not to say a thing. My aunt came in the middle of me taking things and took him home, she cried and asked me why but I had no response. For the next couple of days I was scared to leave the house because I thought the cops would come, my friend walked me to and from school. One day we walked to this girls house who was way more than a bitch, we sat with her for a while with a group of her friends and then she got really weird. She started commanding her friends to do things and threatening them. She told me if I didn't side with her she'd tell the cops where I was or she'd Kill me, my friend and I decided to grab a shit ton of drugs from her and dash but her mom caught us on the way out. She asked us if her daughter was selling drugs again but we said we didn't know so she called her daughter into the kitchen. After a couple of seconds her mom had that girl walking away with Thea most pissed off look I've ever seen. She had the look of evil. My friend and I run but halfway down the street he breaks my phone by dropping it so I picked it up and put it back together. Once I picked up the phone and looked at the screen it didn't look right, I couldn't read what it said. I figured out I was in a dream and I even said "thank god it's just a dream." The dream changed after that and I was with someone different and the area was all different. I was back at home with a girl and we were at a BBQ when she went to talk to me I woke up... I'm trying to lucid dream more so we'll see how tonight goes.