Mystery in Morrowind

Date: 7/4/2017

By toxxicduck

In my third dream of the night, I was in the game The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind (two ES dreams in one night! Haven't even been playing any of them lately). I was trying to solve a murder by talking to an Imperial Legion Officer who was also insane. I also had a follower who was a Dunmer, with chin length black hair and wearing an orange mages robe. I had to say exactly the right thing to the Officer or he would attack me. I had to reload my save a few times in order to get the right thing. Eventually, I triggered a series of 'visions' that played in my mind. I saw five different Morrowind people of various races doing stuff in the world. I only remember the last one, which was an Altmer woman wearing a blue and green mages robe and she was inside a ruin that looked more like the Skyrim draugr barrows. I remember seeing her name on the 'screen' of my inner dream eye and I remember it began with Hy- and was really long. She walked down some stairs and stopped at a giant stone tablet that was imbedded in the wall. She tapped it with a wand she had, trying to figure out what it was. It was a grayish blue color and had white patterns on it like hieroglyphs. On either side there was the shape of hearts, and I realized I had been seeing hearts this whole time (though I don't remember if I really had or not) and that hearts were a major clue to the mystery. Then the woman began to act scared and looked around suddenly, as if she heard a noise or something. There was a big stone door near where the woman was working, and out of curiosity I opened it. Inside it was an airplane hanger for a Sci-Fi looking space, like Star Trek. There were people in dark outfits and helicopters. I knew instantly that the people were bad guys and that they were way over leveled for me. I thought "this is just a vision, so they won't see me" and went in to investigate. But the people instantly saw me and began to attack! I knew I would lose if I fought them, so I ran away out of the dungeon, and was mildly concerned that my follower would stop to fight them and hoped he would spawn back to me later (Skyrim logic). I also considered them seeing me as a "glitch" because I knew they weren't supposed to be able to see me while I saw them in a vision. I was back with the insane Imperial Legion guy, but I don't remember anything else that happened.