The Tour

Date: 4/5/2017

By Fileacethedragon

It was a school field trip, we took two school buses, a yellow one for the girls and a light blue one for the boys. We were one a tour of this building that was built in a zigzag like this, /\/\/\/. The trip was lead by mis. Barton and a tall buff guy with dirty blonde hair, the hole time it felt more like we were being kidnaped then one a 'fun' trip. We were told to wait in an area that looked like the checkout area of Costco (which is a really big grocery store). The buff buy gave the girls black corn chips and guacamole, one of my friends E.B, was really surprised because IRL i don't really like guacamole. I remember saying something like " sense we're chips isn't it cannibalism to be eating them." (Lol😄) Once the boys joined us we were lead/marched through a set of wooden double doors into an entranceway tip area with a bridge sort of thing above us and a I need to go to the hospital, I need a medicinal plant. What plant? I need lavender. I found some in a flower bed, then when supervisors weren't looking a bolted out across the parking lot.