Don’t take me away

Date: 3/17/2019

By JustAnotherLokiFangirl

Loki had kidnaped me and taken me as bait for the avengers but he ended up falling for me instead. Sudden,y the door bust down and Tony and Thor appeared. Thor went strait for Loki ramming His hammer into him. “STOP! NO! PLEASE THOR DONT HURT HIM!!” I cried as Tony pulled me out the front door. “Arabella, he’s a murder, he kidnaped you, he. Is. Evil.” Tony tried to convince me. “LOKI! DONT LET THEM TAKE ME AWAY from, you.” I cry my voice getting smaller. Knowing all I want is loki. “I love you darling” Loki tells me as he’s chained and we’re both dragged onto a helicopter. His voice echos in my head ‘I love you, darling’