The Little Tsunami at my Childhood Home

Date: 7/21/2017

By fluffytree

I find myself waay back in time to maybe 1993 or '94 when I was ages 10-11 and I'm revisiting my childhood apartment back in Maryland. My brother and sister are here too and are about 6 years old. Oddly enough they're 9 years younger than me (they're twins btw) so they would be like 1 or 2 during these years. I don't question it at the time and am just glad to be here. I'm not completely aware that I'm in a dream, but I am aware that this isn't 2017 where I belong. Basically I feel like me and my siblings have just been magically transported to the 90s and that's that. Don't know how or why and I don't dig all that deep into it either. Anyway, so there's some obvious familiars here that I haven't seen in forever like my siblings' dad, his best friend, a neighbor from back then, and maybe a classmate from my elementary school, not sure. A big dinner is being cooked by my mom and siblings' father and it looks like it might be Thanksgiving cos they're bringing out all the stops with collard greens, mac & cheese, chicken, turkey, you name it. I couldn't wait to eat all this when it was done. In the meantime we look around at everything. I see a picture of my sister as she is now and tell her to come look. I mention how bizarre it is that we're so young again and to look at how she's pretty much a baby now. She laughs and seems to also be aware that she's not in the right time period or the right age either. We go on the balcony and play around only to eventually go back to the room. This place is soo small. I remember it being a little 2 bedroom apartment, but didn't realize exactly how small it was at the time until now when I'm revisiting. That's when I decide to go look out our bedroom window. I used to do this all the time when I was a kid because it overlooked the nearby playground and I could immediately see if any of my friends were out there. Also my next door neighbor's kids would hang out there from time to time also and there was one girl named Eboni that I had a huuge crush on. We were the same age while she had a younger brother and sister also and so I'd always be looking for her when I could. Unfortunately I didn't see any familiar people out there, just new faces. It felt so foreign and I felt disappointed that none of my old friends were out there. To be honest it looked more like how it might look nowadays rather than back then so of course I wasn't gonna see anybody I knew. Suddenly it starts raining and the playground gets really muddy. People are starting to pack up their kids and leave while others just pull out an umbrella. Then from the left I see a small wave of muddy water head their way. Tsunami maybe? But there's no water near here for miles. The Potomac River is the closest body of water and that's a little ways from where I live. No ocean or anything though unless you head to the next state in Virginia. I don't think too much more about it though and simply watch as the waves get stronger and stronger. Pretty soon they're big enough to reach all the people still there and force them to leave at that point. The whole place is trashed now, but I don't really care either since it doesn't feel like my home anymore anyway. I come away from the window and go check to see if the food is ready. It's not quite done so I head back to the window again and find everything is back the way it was as if the little tsunami never happened. I find we're on the first floor now too instead of the 2nd and there's a back door leading to outside that was never there before. Me and my siblings head out of it. First off, there's a bunch of old junk in our way like a refrigerator that no longer works, some cabinets, a stove and other junk, but we're small so we can squeeze through fairly easily. We can now clearly see the playground and no one is there anymore thankfully. I'd be annoyed if all those people came back again. But much to my disappointment I see yet another change. At the other side of the playground is now a street that was never there before and behind that where another apartment complex used to be is a friggin parking garage. I feel like I really am back in 2017 but only location-wise since nothing else is different. I'm not too happy cos it's just a reminder of how much has changed since I was a kid. Stuff that I'll never get back no matter how hard I try. At this point the dream switches to something else entirely. Now I'm still a kid but running through some caves with other kids. This feels like a more whimsical world where magic and fantasy can actually happen. We're running from this tall witch of a lady who looks alot like one of my kindergarten teachers. I remember she was a real bitch who'd physically abuse other kids in my class when she thought they were being "stupid." We try and hide from her but here she has some kind of flying dog-like creature on her side that can sniff us out and can see in the dark. All we wanna do is be left alone to find treasure and have fun. Dunno why she's so adamant on catching us and bringing us back to her orphanage or whatever. I go through my pockets and managed to find some rubies, sapphires and other stuff and am proud of my find. But just then the witch discovers me and the other kid I'm with and takes all our stuff. We manage to get like 10% of it back but that's it. The rest of the dream is basically just me and other kids constantly running and hiding until she turns into a younger more attractive woman who still wants our stuff but isn't as smart or adept at catching us. I wake up at some point during all this.