Date: 4/7/2017

By abnormal

I think I'm playing the role of Stefan in this situation. We're in a circle that looks kind of like a ritual; somebody made a spell on us and I thought we would die forever in 12 minutes so I'm saying my huge goodbye to Elena, thinking I'm gonna die very very soon so I touch her hand really tight and try hugging her until she smiles and explains to me that in 12 minutes we would die but then we would come back to life later (I forgot how long we'd stay dead but it wasn't a long time) Now I'm a girl and we all have a group hug; Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, grams, and I. Then we follow the boys and we spent some time together and and everything was happy but I don't think Elena and I (Stefan) were together, it was kind of like the real The Vampire Diaries. We were in that woody place that Elena woke up in in the series finale.