The competitive boat race

Date: 7/21/2017

By Purple

In my dream, there was some kind of boat competition about to take place in the next few days. There were several boats around various docks, and the excitement was building in the air. A lot of people were sleeping on their boats, and a lot of people actually lived on their boats. I remember seeing various people on their boats, just living their lives. Some of them had curtains open and and some were closed. I can see inside a few boats. Someone was about to lay down to read a book, while others were doing various things. My friend Victor K was one of the competitors in this contest. As in waking life, he was very excited and full of energy. There seemed to be a vengeful nemesis of some sort who was Victor's rival. He was very competitive and very nasty. There was something on Victor's dock that seemed to be heavy to me, and this jealous person kicked it over. I tried telling Victor who it was, but he already knew and took it in stride. He said that that was not going to stop him. It was such a contrast to see someone who is jealous and took his own time and energy to focus on making someone else's life miserable — versus another person who is there for the sheer joy of the competition and the love of boating, concentrating only on the good and the fun part of this contest. Even though this race is a few days away, there were still many spectators who were appearing every day to watch the preparations take place. Someone saw me tell Victor about this thing kicked over on his dock, but I didn't care. I wanted my friend to have as level a playing ground as possible. Scene changed. Actually, I don't know if this is still in the same dream or a totally different dream. But my friend in this dream is married to a guy named Victor—who is different than my friend Victor who is the boat owner. In this part of the dream, I am actually sleeping, LOL! I am in my friend Joanie's apartment, and it is the middle of the night. She comes over to wake me up to tell me something insignificant. She is drunk in my dream. She is incoherent at first, and then I told her I really need to get some sleep, and can she please tell me in the morning. Eventually I do get up, perhaps out of curiosity, or to have her leave me alone. This part of the dream is fuzzy, but I find myself in her kitchen sink doing her dishes. I save this one thing in a napkin for last. The thing in the napkin is her mother's false teeth—with some chewed up food inside. I handed it to Joanie and told her I did not know what to do with it. Scene may have changed back to the boarding dock, or ended here.