'Leap Into Oblivion'

Date: 8/2/2016

By laramc

I dreamed of the book I'm currently writing on Wattpad, however I was my main character, Delilah. The dream takes place before my actual book starts, like a prequel, however nothing is relevant to the story, I just know I'm her and its in the environment I imagined. I'm swimming around (forgot to mention in a mermaid oops) with Kyle, my best and only friend. We are throwing jellyfish at each other, playing and having fun. Then the King calls us to assembly and we move to the Great Hall. He tells us to reflect on The Massacre, as it is the anniversary of 17 years. (The Massacre was an even that happened in the history of my book.) ((The day she was born.)) He calls forward the people that lost a family member on that night. Including himself and I remember feeling emotional and touched. Then I wake up.