Me and my Cat, Surviving the Nuclear Apocalypse

Date: 7/3/2017

By toxxicduck

So, some context: lately, I've been having to keep my cat, Leelu, in my bedroom with me at night because she likes to make the couch her toilet, and sometimes I have to make sure to either trick her, or catch her before she runs and hides under a bed from me, to get her into my room. She doesn't mind being locked in with me, she has toys, and a litterbox, and a water bowl (no food because she is already obese and I'm trying to help her to lose weight and not die young from cat obesity), but she doesn't like being picked up. In my dream, I was in the house I lived in back in Idaho, but my family were all as old as they are now, and my brothers who moved out weren't around, so it was me, my brother, my sister and my Dad, but my Mom was there too (my parents split up). It was bedtime and I was trying to get Leelu into my room so I could get to bed. I would catch her, put her in my room, but I needed to go to the bathroom and for some reason needed her in my room before I did that, but she kept escaping from me, or someone would open the door and she would run out. It was one of those "neverending torment" dreams. I would chase her through the house, or just be looking for her everywhere, including in my parents room where they were sleeping. The last time, I went out into the hall to head to the bathroom, but my brother opened my bedroom door and Leelu ran out. I chased after her down the hall and checked in my parents and saw that my dad wasn't in bed anymore and it made me wonder where he was, but I was more concerned with Leelu. I went into my brother Keegan's room and Keegan is one of my brothers who moved out so he wasn't in the dream. Keegan's room looked exactly the same as it used to be. Leelu was hiding on the windowsill behind the beds headboard. As I grabbed her from the window, I caught a glimpse of outside (all the windows in the house were covered). It was very dark and there were no stars or moon, but everything looks still and ominous like snow does at night, but there wasn't any snow. The backyard looked different, like just a generic big patch of grass , and in the center there was a big fluffy wolf standing there glaring at me through the window. It scared the crap out of me even though in my mind I was thinking "Oh, its Keegan's husky." I quickly snatched Leelu and ran out of the room. This time, I decided to just take her with me to the bathroom. The bathroom was an extra third bathroom that didn't exist in that old house. The door leading to it was next to the fireplace in the front room. It was a small perfectly square white room with a toilet, counters, sink, and a mirror. As I went to use the toilet, I noticed that the smoke detector on the ceiling had steam shooting out of it. I looked closer and saw that it was actually a nuclear radiation detector and the room was meant to be a panic room to ward off nuclear fallout and it was currently protecting us from it. I woke up as I realized that the steam was radiation from outside shooting into the house because it was broken.