Cats and Chats

Date: 4/22/2017

By Lakaya

I had a dream there was a foreign group chat Mia added me in where we talked about TV shows, I screenshotted that Mia tagged me in something and sent it to jade saying ' why did she tag me in this' But I accidentally sent it to Mia instead so I pretended she was supposed to be you and blamed it on spell checker. many cats in my house (some being asha and shacka) mom was feeding them all equally with food that looked colourful like and the front garden was full of cat biscuits. I think they grew up a lil and dad said it'd be better if we let them go into the wild. I was crying and went to get asha who was over the road. Out of nowhere pat and auntie delva come so I quickly wipe my tears and run into the living room to tell Jackie about my cats: he was supportive and comforting I quickly tried to side part my hair and put my poetic justice like beret on. Auntie came in and sniffed my straight hair which made me tickle and accidentally step on a cats tail.