Fishing pole turns into crime scene

Date: 3/10/2017

By raleighmciver

I was fishing in the river and I caught this giant fish but the current suddenly got like white water Rapids strong and I couldn't pull it out of the water so I just had to let the fishing pole go and like an hour later I guess I was driving somewhere and the road went over the same river I had been fishing in just miles away and there were like 100 police all along the side of the road and by the bank of the river and I saw one of them carrying the fishing pole I had let go of still attached to the fish and carrying it to like a crime scene unit car and This offficer was in the middle of the road and made me stop and idk how but he knew it was my fishing pole and they like took me to sit on a bench and wait and I was like what is going on what is happening? and right when they were about to tell me I woke up and now I'm so mad bc I want to know what the heck my fishing pole with a fish attached to it could possibly have done to have caused all that ruckus