8/20/16 Log-001 - BLM related and pretty serious for some reason

Date: 8/3/2017

By lonely

Me and a few friends were hanging out at the corner of a building and the police showed up, thinking we were selling drugs. I said, "what you think we're selling drugs or something?" And saying that made them approach us much faster. I told them they could check the backpack and check all of us because we had nothing. They still proceeded to handcuff us. The police officer that handcuffed me was a woman and she was making sarcastic comment to me thinking that I was upset that she was handcuffing me, but I told her that I understood she was just doing her job, and that I was wondering how the process worked. As I was talking, she seemed a bit distracted, and I noticed a police dog around. I beckoned him over, but he didn't listen to me, but instead sprinted into a crowd of people in the neighborhood. People were screaming and yelling, probably upset about the police, and I heard the dog bark and growl over them. The woman officer and a few other officers ran into the crowd and there was this man who wouldn't let go of this black girl. In the crowd somewhere you could hear the mother upset, but the police carried both the man and the girl away, because the man still wouldn't let go. The crowd was getting angrier and angrier. A few gunshot sounds were heard and people went crazy. It was in a certain house, and I went to investigate, but before I got in the house I was pushed a little by the crowd, and a few people were chanting "remove the police". In my head, I thought that that was the opposite thing to do in this situation. I got inside and people were trying to take cover. There was a white male towards the middle of the room shooting, but he wasn't aiming towards anyone specifically. Most of the neighborhood was a black community though, so it didn't seem like he had to. Since I was now in the line of fire being in the house, I had to find somewhere to go. There was a basement and upstairs, and a lot of people were going down, so I decided to go up. Towards the top of the stairs there were pillows and sealed away comforter sets so I thought if I hid behind those it may cover me a bit from the shots, as well as keep me hidden. But I thought about it for a bit too long because I looked forward and the upstairs floor and downstairs ceiling had been completely broken off, probably due to the excessive gunshots. The boy had spotted me. He looked about 18-22 years old, patching stubble and platinum blonde hair. He had a bit of crazy in his eyes, and I didn't know what to do. He was still firing rapidly around the house, but behind him was sort of a blind spot. I could see a girl looking at me in horror there, afraid for my life. I was too. In a split second I decide to jump to the part of the second floor that still had a floor, and when I jumped I went directly above the boy shooting. He tried firing at me, but still wasn't aiming as much, and he only got my left hand, near my palm and side. I was away from him at last. The police were outside, and by the sound of sirens, there were probably more. I took a moment to breathe and realized just how much the boy had broken the house. The roof was missing a bit towards the back, and it looked like it was going to break into pieces. I was still on the second floor, with a bleeding hand and no way to get down. I thought maybe the fire department could bring a trampoline for me to land on, because I didn't think I could jump anymore than I already had, especially now since my hand was disabled. I sidled on the edge of the house waiting for someone to notice me up there, but there was so much going on, I didn't really expect anyone to.