Giving birth

Date: 6/11/2017

By TwentieToo

I've had this dream before, but I think it was a different version. I was in this big giant prison place. It was like a sewer almost. Just really dark and gross. There were two stories going on, one where I was giving birth to a premature baby, the second where I was being given a tour of the prison cells and then going into my own cell. I was giving birth to a premature baby and my whole family was watching. And uh, I guess it wasn't painful and it was really easy. And we left like right after and took the baby home and everything. We went out to the parking lot and we had to slide down this weird slide thing and then drive our car into this weird thingy. But when we drove our car into the thingy there was no room for anyone to get in. But then I pointed out that we could get in through the window on top of the car. But then we realized not everybody could fit. Then it went to the second story, for some reason the prison was racially segregated. Most of the white people were on the bottom, which was apparently where the people who weren't as dangerous or had shorter sentences stayed. Then the more you went up the more dangerous the people and the longer sentences they had, and where all the black people were. But at the very very top of the prison is where my cell was the cells were very small, you couldn't even sit up straight or lay down all the way. There were only like six other people on my floor. Half white and the other half black. And there were two cells closest to me that i could talk to and see clearly. The one on my left was a white girl, the one on my right was a very very old black man who appeared to be dying. The girl seemed to be in her late twenties. The girl told me that to pass the time since they weren't allowed anything in the cells they would use their toenails to scratch their skin really delicately so it wouldn't draw blood or leave scars. They mostly scratched on the back of their calfs and focused really hard in order to not draw blood. The couldn't do anything with their hands since they were tied behind them. They weren't allowed showers or even allowed out of their cell. They just lied in a fetal position for the rest of their lives. The cells didn't have bars, they had barbed wire. Then it went back to the first story and we had this hose that was spraying black water. For some reason that I can't remember, we needed it. Then something broke and a little boy went to get another one that was near by. I went to help him and when we got back the little boy turned the knob and black water came spraying everywhere and it got me right in the face. A man hurried and pulled me back, he was a nurse I think, and another man came and told me that the black water was going to make me sleepy which would help the headaches (i was having headaches last night). And I fainted in the nurse's arms after that. Then I woke up and couldn't move for a second.