Fighter Jet Kills me

Date: 2/4/2017

By BranchMan

I was with some friends at my house playing games late at night. My friend Patrick was in the corner of the room, acting like he was sniping small plane-like objects that kept coming up from the ground and exploding mid air. (Which I somehow did not find this to be the slightest bit odd) Then the small planes turn to fighter jets and as we are watching one of them take off from behind some houses and I say "wow that's one big jet" it turns in the air and starts hurdling directly at us. We then all exploded but I didn't die. I vomited all over whoever was to my left as I am exploded away from the house, watching the huge fiery explosion for a quick second before everything went blank, I didn't pay attention to color or sound or anything. I just remember Being terrified and wondering how this could be what death is and also wondering what would happen next. I fully believed that I was dead. Then I woke up. This all happened very fast and felt like it was straight out of a movie. I've definitely never had a dream like this, I've also never heard of anyone dieing in their dream and continuing the dream. All in all it was a pretty damn scary dream, especially seeing a huge jet come directly at me and launch me in the air through fire.