Heart of McDonalds junkies

Date: 4/27/2017

By Kitsune

Today I made the mistake to think "Oh it's no big deal I can go back to sleep, I'll still remember the dream when I wake up tomorrow". Guess what, I didn't. Well I partly remember one but that's it. So I was at the mall again, but I was viewing from above, not in my body. The "camera" panned towards McDonalds and I saw some people eating there. Then some organization entered and told people that they will be taking some of the people eating there right now. So they did. And if people struggled they used violence. Once they got to their base they told them they needed the hearts of people that ate fast food a lot. Then some gruesome part started an I woke up. It was kinda messed up really. I strongly remember that I had another dream, but have no idea what it was about. Maybe I'll remember later.