The war

Date: 5/12/2019

By Copanse3

The dream started off in history class and we were talking about how some group of people’s horses were only the maintenance horses.? Because of this the people weren’t attached to their horses. Then I remember showing up to a battle that was in a very tight maze with about 5 foot wide hallways. For some reason I was now on the side of the people we had talked about in English and we showed up to fight, but in chariots! And remember, we were in a maze so chariots were ridiculously impractical. I remember watching some sort of battle plan, and both sides lined up facing each other. The people we were fighting had little tiny pistols and for some reason I thought they were called buffalos. I don’t remember any of the fight but part way through everyone ditched the chariots and started fighting with swords and all the people we were facing were still using their guns. We ended up winning because we improvised, at least that’s what I remember telling to everyone. Then I remember being in like a mechanics shop and I saw a detailing machine cause I remembered that my moms car needed to be detailed. I then saw the people that we fought against and walked over to them. Someone I didn’t recognize was talking to them similar to a football coach. He wasn’t berating them though, he was just saying what could have been improved and he said to use more base to be able to overcome the buffer solution that they had created in fighting and make the fight overall basic so we could win.( I just did my AP chem test) then I saw my friend who was on my side smirking at the coach, and that’s when I woke up.