uni murder

Date: 8/21/2017

By headFeed

Im at uni and this classmate from highschool, todd is pulling me from a couch to a classroom that im staying in to live? he passes my room though and stops infront of a professors classroom. i forgot that i had to turn something into his class but hes not in the room, and the lights are off. i put the thing which is a block of nothing into a yellow folder and then head to the bathroom to change my pad, but forget my pad in the first place. something is wrong though, everyone is at the bathroom. one girl waiting infront of each stall. i see them opening the stall door and then closing it. each time they open it i see blood and chunks of flesh inside. im wondering why theyre not panicking and running away because clearly someone, or many people, got murdered. i see someone peek into the bathroom. i stare at the entrance. the professor peeks in again. he has staples on his bald head from some surgery. he peeks in again, i see that theres blood all over his feet and on his shirt. i run for the other exit but i hear him walking. i run for the original exit and i hear him walking back. i dont know what to do. i wake up