Date: 5/4/2017

By capoferricustoms

Well it's 11:37 pm am this morning I had again vivid dreams but I awoke early this morning I started to speak with a woman I meet online by the name of Tiffany so I did not got my dream down immediately ...... What I remember is that there where various different realities before I had the dream that made me wake but the dream that made me wake was one with Lisa again and for some reason I was at the house but the house was different it had a porch an enclosed porch and I think I got in without her being there and then she came home just as I was getting out but she didn't realize because she was a little lucid jade and Joshua were with her but jade was more grown up and dressed up then I had ever seen and Joshua was loneing I remember going back into the house on the encloses front porch there was lots of my crystals placed as a mural I only wanted one witch I selected a large herkimer diamond point and I had told her that I would be back soon to pick up the rest I flicked a switch in the porch and she said oh no!!! What ??? The house was so different.... And the kids paid no attention to me I will add that she was out and claimed she took the day off to enjoy life She looked beautiful dressed well jade was also and her friend with the blonde hair dropped her off and she was so happy and hugged me but then she got annoyed quickly