School Escape

Date: 2/26/2017

By Lovelyspoofy

We were in sports class, and nobody liked this teacher. The teacher started insulting one of my best friends, who has mental problems. He was saying a bunch of shit and making fun of his mental condition. I was really mad at the teacher, so I started talking shit to him. I called him a fucking pussy. Then he disappeared. While all of this happened, everybody in my grade was there. I remember I started running for no reason, and suddenly everyone started running with me. I yelled for them to runaway from school with me. We were tired of it. When all of this was happening, we were in the playing field of my school here in Mexico, but when we got out of there, we were in the school I was in when I lived in Folsom, just bigger. We ran and ran, without being seen. We arrived to the abandoned part of the school, were we could rest a bit and make plans. When we finished taking our time, I started running, with all my dudes following me. We arrived to the parking lot, which had some people in it. We were apparently in a mall now, BTW. One of my friends said "We aren't going to go that way, right?" But then I said "Yes". I somehow managed to crawl along the stairs we were in, which overlooked the parking lot. I saw some adults, so I crawled back up. We were stuck. We waited for a while, then we saw the opportunity to go, so we did. I encountered some guards, and one of them looked at me, but she just ignored me. "YES!". I then moved on to hide behind a pillar that was close to the stairs, with my buddies following me. Then the dream ended ):