Violin gun, witch stole my tablet, I saw two celebs

Date: 7/30/2017

By malexandria

I was this dude walking around my grandparents neighborhood with a Samsung tablet. I felt like something bad was going to happen but I ignored it. Just then this crazy lady with an iPhone charger ran up to me and snatched it so I chased after her in the neighborhood and I couldn't find her up by the main road and there were two soccer mom joggers who didn't care about me. So I was trying to call the cops but 911 kept autocorrecting so by the time I gave up it was late Dusk. I ran to my grandparents home and in the circle development there was a really tall man and he walked on a limp. He was very dirty too so I thought he meant harm. By the time I made it up to my driveway he was about ten feet behind me so I went in and closed the glass door and turned on the porch light. I asked Mike d he knew the dude and he came down to give him a good look. He said yeah; it was one of his friends dad or somethin so we let him in. He dat on the couch up against the half wall and pop nan Mom Mike and aj as well as me sat on the other ones. He then told us something bad was going to happen and took out all these guns. It is like e for them perfectly to Match our personalities because I had a gun in the form of a violin along with a bow. Then I was at some type of school that also had a waterpark in the back. I was looking for the bathroom te entire time and we where doing stuff for parcc testing. Sam was helping me find it. I remember seeing my ex and then I was with Jenna. He was trying to sweet talk me and guilt trip me and I acted Like I wasn't even listening. Then I remember being outside and seeing Lucas Crucshank and I screamed it but it wasn't him. It was like a twin. That was when I parade started rolling down the street and then in front of me was A James Charles twin.