Public joint

Date: 8/18/2017

By sharkey161

So i was eating a kinda a dumpy super club called two brothers with two of my friends we finished eating are okay food and then kashi wips out two joints i was like um not here in a public place, how about we go to your house and kashi was like no i do it all the time, beanco reaches over the table and grabs one of the neatly rolled joint and lights it i watch her as she sucks it down in an imposible 2 seconds, i am instantly compleatly confused, kashi hands me the other joint and i was like um okay well beanco didnt get yelled at so i light the joint and then put it up to my mouth and realize i dont really know how to smoke and then i start to chew the joint and then eat it. Kashi says nothing and takes another joint out of her purse and smokes it in an imposible 1 second. Beanco leaves. And i start to get a little woosy and realize that i have to drive home i told kashi to come over to my house, i start to drive and i end up driving over the hump in the middle of the roundabout. Everything i see is kind of dancing back and forth. I get home and kashi and i are alone for a little while till my dad comes home compleatly drunk and them my mom asks me if i have any weed for her and i was like um nope no weed please leave me alone.