labrador female dog goddess gives my elfin version a mission

Date: 8/12/2017

By asbailao

I dreamt I had a parallel life where I had the same body but I was an elf (Tolkien style) or something like an orisha / ancestor spirit. Like Adventure Time Ice King I could see several planes of existence at the same time, so I occupied this plane / Earth but could see spirits, different colored energies, things from the past, other planes. it was nice but tiresome, and I had a mission to accomplish with the other elves-spirits. we had to know what our mission was from the most important of the spirits. it wasn't God or the Goddess, but it was incredible and it took the shape of a very old female Labrador Retriever dog. and she was blind too and was doing the face of one of those guilty dogs in Youtube. the version of me knew that she had a power and wisdom beyond anyone or what anyone could understand.