Date: 4/26/2017

By Carolina

i forgot a lot already... i remember being at work and accusing the director behind her back of stealing some older knick knacks i had. i insisted that she must have stolen them for her dollhouse. later it was revealed that she had overheard me. i kept trying to back track and apologize but she was really angry with me. i remember being in my childhood home and trying to get everyone to go to a brunch. i heard my father in his bedroom with a man and he said he was too busy. my mother also couldn't come. i remember being frightened of the door to the backyard. i remember green stripes that tricked the eye. on the way out with my cousin i noticed my father getting high. i commented that they were rude. my cousin and i drove to a warehouse which looked like an amazing party but it was still early. there was a hologram of missy elliot and we laughed and danced for a long time. every so often i would remember the stolen knick knacks - particularly an engraved locket and i slipped back into a bad mood.