Test Dream

Date: 3/5/2017

By The_Online_Dreamer

(don't believe this, I'm new here so I'm just seeing how this works before I start uploading my dreams, except you can believe the remembering bit. that's true.) I once remember I had trouble remembering my dreams, even though they were just so vivid and lucid. so I took it upon myself to learn methods of remembering them. bad choice ... or was it a good choice? you decide. In my opinion, I can't tell. Anyway, since then, I've always remembered a majority of my dreams. when I don't remember a dream, I take it upon myself to force fake memories of that dream. oddly enough, the strangest thing is..... whatever fake dream memory I force myself to make to a certain extent, I unlock the dream I last had. (oh, I may also write my own theories, hypothesise, and ideas on how to control them)